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Human Capital often accounts for 70-80% of an organization's costs, and yet in a recent Harvard survey of global leaders, only 32% are confident their organization has the necessary talent and skills to achieve their strategy goals.
A boutique global consulting partner, strategist, and implementer that helps companies build the right human capital strategy to accelerate business results and Attract, Motivate and Retain "Best in Class” Talent to win in today’s competitive talent marketplace.

People make the difference.

Like you, we know that the most valuable part of your organization are its people—the human capital. There really is nothing more vital to creating a sustainable competitive advantage than the return on human capital - so it only makes sense that any plans to move your organization forward has to start there.

Yet, articulating the return on investment (ROI) of Human Capital is extremely challenging. Unlike other areas of an organization, the output of its people isn’t as directly tied to business outcomes and very often has few measurable outputs. This, combined with the fact that business leaders are often consumed with day-to-day business demands, and the fact that it is difficult to demonstrate the absolute value of making investments in our talent or talent practices, means that human capital —the single most important asset an organization needs to take the next step in growth and innovation— is often under-used, or under-developed.

However, even small improvements in the strategic management of human capital can result in significant ROI for your organization and is increasingly necessary to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Engagement Drivers.

Today, employee engagement and loyalty are more vital than ever before to an organization’s success. The term employee engagement relates to the level of an employee's commitment and connection to an organization. Long-term engagement starts with good communication between the organizations leaders and employees as well as among co-workers, fostering a positive working environment.

Three key engagement drivers:


1. Relationship with immediate supervisor – the attitude and actions of the immediate supervisor can enhance employee engagement or can create an atmosphere where an employee becomes disengaged.


2. Belief in senior leadership –  believing in the ability of senior leadership to take their input, lead the organization in the right direction and openly communicate the state of the organization is a key factor in driving engagement. 


3. Pride in working for the organization & Respect - employees are treated with respect, that their personal values are reflected and that the organization cares about how they feel.

Experience Matters.

Lianne's unique promise of value to deliver the right solution, which will have long-lasting impact on the organization of optimizing “human capital”, stems from a successful 25-year multi-faceted, diverse disciplined HR career, as a Global Human Resources Business Partner (trusted advisor) and HR Centre of Expertise (COE) (subject matter and functional expert), gained while working internationally in the Financial Services & Capital Markets Industry. [LEARN MORE].

Here's what you can count on.

Trustworthiness, Authenticity & Transparency

Accountability & Reliability

Quality & Consistency

Competency & Innovative, Strategic Insights

Effective Listening & Communication Skills

When working with your organization...

It is essential to understand your business, your strategy, and your people.

That's why I'm committed to meeting your organization's needs by:

▪ Assessing your organization and understanding your business strategy

▪ Creating measurable goals

▪ Examining current capabilities and uncovering obstacles that could impact success and realization of goals

▪ Providing practical, repeatable, scalable and sustainable solutions specific to your organization

▪ Evaluating solutions' effectiveness of achieving business objectives


Lianne Leduc Consulting offers strategic advice, solutions and programs that are innovative, thought provoking and specifically tailored to your unique business situation.

Combining theoretical perspectives with practical approaches for a competitive advantage.
Retaining essential capabilities in the workforce to maintain business competitiveness.
Aligning your organization design, processes & talent with your business strategy to enable sustainable change.
For small and medium-sized businesses that are growing or making changes to create or improve a sustainable, “Best Practice” workplace.
Creating your organization as an ideal place to work so that you can attract and retain “Best in Class”, loyal, talented, and engaged employees.
Specifically tailored to your unique business situation.

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